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Presenting showreel

Sasha has worked extensively as a live stage presenter and studio presenter, as well as recording voiceovers for documentaries. She is trained in using a teleprompter and talk-back, as well as having a natural ability to improvise with warmth and charm. She is an experienced interviewer and encourages guests to feel comfortable and open. She has worked as an educational, lifestyle, corporate and light entertainment presenter and has personal interests in wellbeing, education, music, film and theatre.

Presenting Agent - Carina Skinner Management 

Voiceover Agent - So Talented Voices

voiceover reel

Voiceover Reel
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Sasha has a fully equipped home studio for voiceover work, including a Rode NT1-A studio mic, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Generation interface box, sound booth and MacBook Pro.

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