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A versatile Performer for Acting, Presenting, Voiceovers, Singing and Modelling

  Sasha studied Drama and Singing at Exeter University and Music Theatre at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She is passionate about drama, singing, music and dance and has performed in many plays, musical and dance performances in a variety of venues and on tour in the UK and Europe. Please contact Sasha for further information or to check availability.


Credits: Musicals & Dance . Kids Ents & Panto . Cabaret Singing . Actor & Presenter


Actor & Presenter Credits

Sasha, Presenter/Actor Brainiac Raz

  • 2013 Show, ‘Brainiac Live!’ - Brainiac Raz, M4 Entertainment, London UK

  • 2011 Play, ‘Northanger Abbey’ - Emily, Mary Andrews & Alice, Upstairs at The Gatehouse Theatre, Highgate, London UK

  • 2009-10 Play, ‘Dr Faustus’ - Mephistophilis, National UK Tour

  • 2009 Play Product Medea 4.0 - Jane Fan Club, Roundhouse Studio Theatre Camden London UK

  • 2008 Play, ‘Fashion Immigration’ a Comedia - Isabelle, Exeter UK

  • 2007 Play, ‘Diplomacy in Ironland’ - Rose, Exeter UK

  • 2007 Play, ‘The Princess Bride’ -Countess, Theatre Alchemists, UK Tour

  • 2006 Play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’- Peasebottom, Harbinger Theatre Company, Exeter UK

  • 1999 Play, ‘Arabian Nights’ - Sinbad of Arabia, Kent UK

  • 1997 Play, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ - Queen of Hearts, Kent UK

Sasha, Isabelle in A Comedia

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Northanger Abbey Review '... the sub-plot is frighteningly well-played by Tom Reah and Sasha Jacques especially.'

Dangerous liaisons: (from left) Oliver King
Dangerous liaisons: (from left) Oliver King
as Henry Tilney and Sasha Jacques
as Emily in Northanger Abbey

Sasha, Isabelle (left) in
Fashionable Immigration, A Comedia

Sasha as Alice in Jane Austin's Northanger Abbey
Sasha, Emily & Alice in Northanger Abbey

Musicals & Dance Credits

Sasha Principal Singer (front right), West End

  • 2014 Musical & Dance Shows, Pop, Film and Music Theatre Shows & Cinderella Pantomime - Principal Singer/Dancer, Live Business for Thomson, Europe & Morocco Tour
  • 2013/14 Musical & Dance Shows - Soprano in Trio, New Year & Christmas Shows, PortAventura, Spain
  • 2013 Musical & Dance Shows, The Great 80's & Boogie Wonderland Shows - Principal Singer/Dancer, Iberostar,  Mallorca Tour, Spain
  • 2012 Musical & Dance, Musical One Fine Day (Carol), Pop, Film and Music Theatre shows - Singer/Dancer/Actor, The Showteam for Thomson, Cyprus Tour
  • 2011 Musical Shows (Pop, Film and Music Theatre)- Lead Singer, Solo & Duets, Kanika Resorts, Cyprus
  • 2010 Musical & Dance Show, ‘Sunday Night Live’ (Principal Singer Solo & Ensemble), Her Majesty's Theatre, London West End
  • 2009-10 Musical, ‘The Threepenny Opera’  - Polly & Jenny (Singer/Actor), UK Tour
  • 2009 Musical & Dance Street Show, Henley Festival, Guerillaz  - Singer/Dancer, Henley UK
  • 2009 Music Theatre Piece, ‘Constant Companion’, Dr. Chumley, London UK
  • 2009 Musical, ‘Year of the Pig’ - Princess Jade, Embassy Theatre, London UK
  • 2008 Musical, Gods At Play (Devised)’ - Jocasta, Embassy Theatre, London UK
  • 2008 Musical & Dance, ‘Fashion Immigration’ a Musical - Madge, Exeter UK
  • 2007 Musical, ‘One Pint, Two Socks, Three Rugs’, Exeter UK
  • 2007 Dance, Contemporary Dance Group, Exeter UK
  • 2004 Musical & Dance, ‘My Fair Lady’ - Eliza Doolittle, Bromley UK
  • 2003 Musical, ‘Les Misérables’ - Prostitute/Chorus, Bromley UK
  • 1998-02 Dance Productions, Bromley, UK


Musicals & Panto
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Sasha Singer/ Actor/ Dancer, London Lights Westside Story

Sasha Principal Singer/ Dancer, Pure Imagination Oklahoma

Sasha (centre) and the Chorus perform the opening song
“Another Beautiful Day” in Fashionable Immigration: a Musical.

Sasha as Jenny in The Threepenny Opera
Sasha as Jenny in The Threepenny Opera

Cabaret Singing Credits

Sasha Solo Cabaret, Cyprus

  • 2014 Cabaret - Singer Solo & Duo, Live Business, Europe Mediterannean Tour
  • 2013/14 Cabaret - Posado De Los Gnomes Shows, PortAventura, Spain
  • 2013/2014 Cabaret, Christmas Trio & New Year Cabaret - Principal Soprano Singer, PortAventura, Spain
  • 2012 Cabaret, Singer Solo & Female/Male Duo, The Showteam for Thomson Hotels, Cyprus Tour
  • 2012 Cabaret Band, Guest Singer/Pianist Solo & Duo with Singer/Guitarist, Usedom, Germany
  • 2011 Cabaret, Singer Solo & Wedding Singer, Kanika Hotels Cyprus
  • 2009 Cabaret - Guest Singer (Musical Theatre) - Recall Theatre Group, Kent UK



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From Sasha's 2014 Cabaret

Sasha (centre), Christmas Trio, Spain

Kids' Ents. & Panto Credits

Sasha plays Aladdin, UK Tour 2014

  • 2014 Pantomime Musical, Aladdin - Principal Boy Aladdin, South East & South West England & Wales UK Tour
  • 2014 Pantomime Musical, Cinderella - Principal Singer, Europe Mediterranean Tour
  • 2013 Pantomime Musical, ‘Peter Pan’ for Main Feature Productions - Wendy (Singer/Dancer), Dubai, UAE
  • 2012 Pantomime, ‘Puss In Boots’ - Princess Tamara & Queen Wanda, Hurricane Productions, SE UK Tour
  • 2011 Kid's Ents. Musical, ‘Enchanted Cabaret Show’
  • 2010/11 Kids' Ents. Musical, ‘Wind in the Willows’ - Moley (Singer/Actor), National UK & Ireland Tour
  • 2010 Pantomime Musical, ‘Robin Hood’ - Maid Marion (Singer/Actor, Dancer), National UK & Belgium Tour

Sasha as Maid Marion in Robin Hood The Musical
Sasha as Maid Marion in Robin Hood Musical 2010

Kid's Ents. & Pantomime
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Robin Hood

Sasha flying as Wendy in Peter Pan, Dubai
Sasha flying as Wendy in Peter Pan, Dubai

Sasha (left) is Moley in Wind in The Willows Musical

Sasha as Wendy and Peter Pan cast, Dubai
Sasha as Wendy and Peter Pan cast, Dubai 2012

Female Actor . Presenter . Singer . Model
Theatre . Film. TV. Cabaret . Wedding . Corporate . Events . Restaurant . Pub . Club . Bar . Hotel . Cruise . London . Kent . UK . Europe . Worldwide

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