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Sasha is an UK and International Soprano Singer with a wide vocal range, who sings throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Singing many music genres, Sasha is available to sing in shows, as a Wedding singer and at functions and events. She can perform as a vocalist using backing tracks, with piano, or with other musicians, singers or dancers. Please Contact Sasha for Enquiries and Bookings, for further information or to check availability.

Soprano &
Harmony Singer

Cabaret &
Guest Vocalist

Sasha, Solo Singer Cabarets UK 2015

Musical Theatre

Sasha, Guest Solo Theatre & Lounge Singer 2014

Wedding &
Event Singer



Music Themes including
Party, Soul & Motown, Musical Mix (Pop/MT/Classical), Music Theatre, Vintage Popular/Jazz/Blues .... See More >


Sasha is an International Singer, who has performed in London's West End, The V&A Museum, Royal Albert Hall, Festival Hall, Westminster Abbey, Barcelona, Exeter & Southwark Cathedrals, in Dubai and Europe, including France, Belgium, Mallorca, Spain, Germany, Cyprus. She is also a Solo Piano Vocalist and a Production Singer-Dancer for shows and showteams. Sasha holds a Masters of Musical Theatre from Central School of Speech and Drama and prior to that had 2 Vocal Scholarships for Voice at the University of Exeter.

Shows, Concerts & Tours

Sasha has performed in shows and tours as a classical, modern and musical theatre soloist in venues such as Her Majesty's Theatre (West End), Westminster Abbey, Royal Albert Hall, Exeter, Southwark and Barcelona Cathedrals, The Forum (Kentish Town), The Garage (Islington) Tonbridge Forum, Kanika, Thomson & Iberostar Resorts (Cyprus & Mallorca), PortAventura (Spain), Reef Mall (Dubai) and Cruise Ships.

Cabaret, Shows & Events

Sasha is available to perform in Cabaret and Production shows and at Weddings & Events, including Corporate venues. A Soprano Singer & Piano Vocalist, with a wide range, C3-E6, Belt: A-Top G, and very unique voice. Sasha has performed in London's West End, The V&A, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall and at Westminster, Southwark, Exeter and Barcelona Cathedrals, luxury hotels and cruise ships, as soloist & ensemble.

Repertoire & Sets

From 1-3 songs to 1, 2, 3 or 4 Forty to Forty-five minute sets to suit your requirements, Sasha will help to make your occasion or event special. Cabaret sets can include Pop & Rock, Soul, Musical Theatre, Classical, Jazz & Blues, Gospel, Christmas Songs & Carols from Sasha's Repertoire/Song List or make a special request. See Example Music & Cabaret Themes. Please visit Showreels & Demos to see Video of Sasha Live or CDs+Demos to hear a selection of songs.

Duo, Band Singer & Piano Vocalist

Sasha has also sung with duos and bands in hotels and cruise ships. She has played at many venues, including luxury hotels and weddings as a Piano-Vocalist. As Lead Singer with bands, Sasha has performed at a diverse range of gigs, including London's Forum (Kentish Town) & The Garage (Islington) and Tonbridge Forum (Kent) and, backed by live bands, in Europe.

Corporate & Theatre Singer

Sasha can sing as a Solo, Piano-Vocalist, Lead or Principal singer, to entertain  guests, clients and customers in business premises, including hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars, care homes, company facilities and theatres. Sasha has performed many Solo Cabarets, as well as with harmony groups, backing musicians and dancers, bands and as a Singer-Dancer in Showteams.

Wedding & Events Singer

Sasha can be your Wedding & Event Singer and sing beautifully, with piano,  backing tracks, band or dancers, at weddings or other special events, and add to your very special day. A wedding, function, birthday, anniversary party or whatever your special event, Sasha can sing and entertain your guests beautifully. She can help to make your special occasion even more special.


Previous Clients include Kanika Resorts, Iberostar Resorts, Thomson, Island Cruises, Pontins, Hoseasons, Brittany Ferries, The Royal British Legion Social Clubs, Restaurants, Pubs and Private Functions.


Sasha has Public Liability Insurance through her membership of Equity: Full Equity Member number: M00287382


Wedding & Event Singer
'Thanks for your excellent voice at our wedding - you were fab and so many guests keep telling us!' Linda & James


Singer & Piano Vocalist
'Thank you very much. Our customers really enjoyed Sasha's performance.'  Wyvale


Reviews and Testimonials

'It was a great night. Excellent Repertoire.' Guest, Kent UK Solo Cabaret, Sep 2015(Corporate Cruise Contract)

'Jack and the Princess's singing was lovely. Thank you very much.' Ben & Em, MV Bretagne, Aug 2015

'The evening entertainment throughout our cruise was top notch, there was something for all tastes from a Pantomime to Opera.' Island Escape, busdriver60,, 3rd Dec 2014

'Entertainment team are of a very high standard and you will be impressed by the variety of entertainment and activities on the ship.'  Island Escape, SK1R1D,, 3rd Dec 2014

'The entertainment was excellent, best we've ever seen on a cruise ship or hotel.' Production Team, Island Escape, Amy Louise Driver, IE Facebook Group, 7th Oct 2014

'Entertainment excellent, excellent, excellent, First class. The entertainments team are exceptional.'  Production Team, Island Escape, Trevor Paul Savage, IE Facebook Group, 24th Sept 2014

'The shows in the theatre were brilliant, they have some amazing talent on the ship and yeh it feels like your in the West End, wait until you hear them sing it will blow you away.'  Production Team, Island Escape, Anne Marie Wilks, IE Facebook Group, 6th Sept 2014

'Showteam and the hosts are fantastic. Something for everyone.'  Island Escape, Debbie Bird, IE Facebook Group, 6th Sept 2014

'There was fab entertainment.. in the theatre was a great show every night..felt like you were in the west end sometimes' Production Team, Island Escape, Sarah Littlecott, IE Facebook Group, 5th Sept 2014

'The entertainment team is the best on any of the Thomson ships in our opinion, had a fab time.' Production Team, Island Escape, Hazel Mercer, IE Facebook Group, 5th Sept 2014

'Best show team I've seen here in 4 cruises' Production Team, Island Escape, Claire Woods, IE Facebook Group, 7th August 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'All the entertainment was very good. The entertainment team put on four shows which were all brilliant. Production Team, Island Escape, Fountain, Redcar,, 20th July 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'Entertainment was absolutely fantastic. The shows at night were great. Island Escape, nicola78,, 13th July 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'The entertainment was first class.' Island Escape,  Orriss, Shaw,, 5th July 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'There was lots of entertainment to be enjoyed though I would have liked to see more of the singers and dancer shows. There was a guest girl singer who was very good.Island Escape, Jardine, Inverurie,, 1st July 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

 'It was also great of course to watch the amazing Island Escape Show Team.' Island Escape, Production Team, Peter Briggs, IE Facebook Group, 18th June 2014  (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'London Lights show breathtaking.' Production Show, Island Escape, Jennifer Waller, Ross & IE Showteam Facebook Group, 18th June 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'What an amazing 2 weeks thanks to Ross and the showteam x' Island Escape, Karen Smith, Ross & IE Showteam Facebook Group, 17th June 2014  (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'The entertainment was brilliant put together by a wonderful team...' Island Escape, alwynd,, 16th June 2014  (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'The entertainers do a great job and the standard is excellent.' Island Escape, Kiltie, Glasgow,, 9th June 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

 'The stage shows were very good and on a par with what you'd see on P&O - in fact, I'd say some of the performers are better than those on some P&O ships we've sailed on.' Production Shows, Island Escape, Alan Greenhithe,, 2nd June 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'And what about Cinderella. My husband wasn't looking forward to it, he cried with laughter, even went back to watch on the 2nd week.' Pantomime, Island Escape, Review by: Patricia Campion, IE Facebook Group, Review Date:  28th May 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'Entertainment was outstanding, with the main team of ten singers/dancers providing West-End quality performances. There is a wealth of talent here.' Production Shows, Island Escape, Retired, Devon, 12th May 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'The entertainment was great, the show team did a great job.' Island Escape, rickbell4. 26th April 2014' (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'Entertainment was really good overall. Show team very professional.' Entertainment, Island Escape, Vicki Lock, IE Facebook Group. 23rd Apr 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'Watched Sasha Jacques last night. Very good singer.'   Steven Waterfield, Island Escape, Solo Cabaret. 17th Apr 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'The shows are the very best we have ever seen, all were excellent.' Laverick, grimsby,Production Shows, Island Escape. 12th Apr 2014 (Corporate Cruise Contract)

'Really nice show girls!! Love your voices.'  Bruno, PortAventura, Salou, Tarragona, Spain. Dec 2013 (Corporate contract)

'The evening entertainment is very professional.' SarahnAbi, Tripadvisor, Iberostar Club Cala Barca, Sa Barca Trancada, Mallorca, Spain. Review date: 11th July 2013 (Corporate contract)

'The entertainment was very good. They did a good job to keep the adults happy and often kept them involved with the entertainment.', Dhouse121, Newmarket, England, UK, Tripadvisor, Iberostar Club Cala Barca, Sa Barca Trancada Mallorca, Spain. Review date: 26th June 2013 (Corporate contract)

'Entertainment at night was also very professionally carried out and good.' StrictlyElizabeth, Grantham, UK, Tripadvisor, Iberostar Albufera Playa, Playa De Muro Mallorca, Spain. Review date: 28th June 2013 (Corporate contract)

The entertainers work extremely hard and were some of the best we have experienced. We usually avoid hotel entertainment but the standard was a surprise. Thaddeus_12, Grantham, UK, Tripadvisor, Iberostar Albufera Playa, Playa De Muro Mallorca, Spain. Review date: 30th May 2013 (Corporate contract)

'There are great shows each night. They are much like cruise shows but are very well done and highly entertaining and in multiple languages.' MoodlyPoodly, Kaiserslautern, Germany, Tripadvisor Iberostar Royal Cristina, Playa De Palma Mallorca, Spain. Review date: 26th May 2013 (Corporate contract)

'The shows were staged mostly by the resort staff who are unbelievably talented and deserve the highest praise.' TitleistHacker, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Tripadvisor, Iberostar Albufera Park, Playa De Muro Mallorca, Spain. Review date: 28th July 2013 (Corporate contract)

'The evening shows & kids disco were good.' nwainwright, Leeds UK, Tripadvisor. Iberostar Albufera Park, Playa De Muro Mallorca, Spain. Review date: 18th May 2013  (Corporate contract)

'The shows they put on at night a well worth watching.' Yvonne B, Stoke on Trent, UK, Tripadvisor, Iberostar Alcudia Park, Playa De Muro Mallorca, Spain. Review date: 16th May 2013 (Corporate contract)

'Entertainment was fab and varied ' Cuidad Blanca, AllyMarieG, Tripadvisor. Iberostar Cuidad Blanca, Alcudia Mallorca, Spain. Review date: 16th May 2013 (Corporate contract)

'The evening entertainment was overall better than I expected and the shows put on by the hotel's entertainment staff (80's night, The Lion King etc.) were usually far better than when they had guest acts. The kids and most of the adults seemed to be thoroughly entertained.' Cuidad Blanca, Peter L, Kilkenny Ireland, Tripadvisor. Iberostar Cuidad Blanca, Alcudia Mallorca, Spain. Review date: 13th May 2013 (Corporate contract)

'Sasha performed and sang beautifully in the church.' Chris Denyer, Norwich UK, March 2013 (Private service)

'Sasha gave a wonderful performance at my Uncle's funeral service.' Hilary Thaine, Norwich UK, March 2013 (Private service)

'The Thomson Group has its own showcase group who travel, and they were absolutely fantastic. One night they did an act called One Fine Day...60's/70's show tunes with acting in between, then another night they did The Decades act...they were absolutely amazing! ... they were definitely my favourite act.' JanCardiff, Cardiff, UK, Tripadvisor. Atlantica Bay Hotel, Limmasol, Cyprus. Review date: 6th August 2012. (Corporate contract)

'The Thompson entertainment team (4 of them) were fantastic singers and did some great shows. We watched the Angeltones whilst we were there and they did the show really well. Bearing in mind that it was so hot in the evenings they kept going.' KentSandL, Kent UK. Tripadvisor, Tasia Maris Hotel, Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Review date: 24th July 2012 (Corporate contract)

'The Thomson Gold singers and dancers are very good.' Stokie007, Stoke-On-Trent UK, Tripadvisor. Atlantica Golden Beach Hotel, Paphos Cyprus. Review date: 15th July 2012. (Corporate contract)

'Visiting Thomson Gold team provided 2 nights of extremely entertaining fare.' gygooner, Grimsby UK, Tripadvisor. Atlantica Golden Beach Hotel, Paphos Cyprus. Review date: 29th June 2012. (Corporate contract)

'You then have a main cabaret act which were all good. Craig O, Bracknell UK, Tripadvisor. Atlantica Bay Hotel, Limmasol, Cyprus. Review date: 31st May 2012. (Corporate contract)

'Thank you very much for all your help with booking and arranging the singer/pianist. Our customers really enjoyed Sasha's performance.' Wyevale, Keston, Bromley, Kent, UK. Nov 2011. (Corporate event)

'Wonderful shows, which by the way were excellent and varied. A massive thank you, especially to Jo, Sami & Helena in kids club then Stacey, Danielle, Holly, Larnaca, Molly, Justine, Sasha and Kylie in the entertainment team, for making our holiday so special.' GAZANDMAGS, Halifax, UK, Tripadvisor, Olympic Lagoon, Kanika, Resorts, Cyprus. Review date: 19th July 2011 (Corporate contract)

'Entertainment team excellent they work so hard, day and night, their shows at night brilliant...' JulieAttwood, Hereford UK, Tripadvisor, Olympic Lagoon, Kanika Resorts, Cyprus Review date: 16th July 2011 (Corprate contract)

'Thanks for your excellent voice at our wedding - you were fab and so many guests keep telling us!' Linda & James, Norwich, Norfolk, UK. April 2011 (Private function).

'Many thanks Sasha for your excellent singing as Guest Singer at our Corporate Charity function.' Danielle, Event Organiser,  LPVO Bar, Soho, London, UK.  June 2010 (Corporate Charity event)

'We heard Sasha sing and knew we wanted to have her sing at our wedding.' Thank you, Emma & Warren, Kent, UK. Sept 2009 (Private function)

'Sasha and her band Feedback were amazing at my 60th birthday party and learned and sang all my specially requested Blues songs.' Ross, Kent UK, Sept 2004 (Private function)

'What a delight to hear Sasha sing at our Golden Anniversary celebration.' Thank you so much, Lyndon & Joan, Surrey UK. Aug 2003 (Private function)


Singer &

Duo &  Band

Season Singer

Year Singer

 Sasha, Singer in New Year Shows Spain 2013/2014

Female Actor . Presenter . Singer . Model
Theatre . Film. TV. Cabaret . Wedding . Corporate . Events . Restaurant . Pub . Club . Bar . Hotel . Cruise . London . Kent . UK . Europe . Worldwide

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