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Find news of Children's shows and entertainments here. See more News in Presenting, Actor and Musicals & Panto. Please contact Sasha for further information or to check availability.

Sasha, Creatures from Blackpool Lagoon UK Tour

Children's Ents

Children's Presenter & Entertainer Sasha has participated in shows, workshops and entertainments as a Presenter, Actor and Storyteller for families, children and GCSE and A' Level students. Sasha has also hosted family and children's entertainments, Theatre parties and discos. She has experience of teaching drama and workshops for young people.

2016/17 Presenting, Workshops & Hosting

  • Children's Entertainer/Host Sense Theatre UK

2015 Presenting, Workshops, Hosting & Puppetry

  • Children's Entertainer/Host Sense Theatre UK

  • Creatures From The Blackpool Lagoon UK Tour

2011 Acting Tours and Shows

  • Enchanted Cabarets including songs from Lion King Aladdin, Elphaba, Ariel, Snow White, Mary Poppins

 Children's Presenter, Host & Entertainer

Sense Theatre
UK 2015/16
Sasha is UV Puppeteer Creatures of The Blackpool Lagoon UK Tour
Creatures from
Blackpool Lagoon
UK 2015
Sasha, Presenter/Host Childrens Entertainments Cyprus 2011
Children's Ents.
Cyprus 2011
Sasha, Ariel, Singer/Actor Enchanted Cabaret Show
Ariel Enchanted
Cabaret Disney
Show 2011
Sasha, Children's Entertainer/Actor/Singer/Teacher UK 2009-11
Drama Workshops
UK 2009-2011

2015 UK Tour of Creatures of The Blackpool Lagoon

31st Mar-29th May 2015

Sasha is performing in "Creatures From The Blackpool Lagoon" Show (as seen on CBBC "The Slammer Returns") and is also available to perform in Solo Cabaret.

Cast 'Creatures From The Blackpool Lagoon': Sasha is Puppeteer for the Isle of Wight Tour Team, Northern UK & Scotland Tour Team.

Shows: Solo Cabaret: Sasha Jacques

The Creature from the Black Lagoon: is a crazy 'Black Light U.V.' show which have been performed for thousands of delighted spectators. Kids love the bright colourful characters and great music whilst adults love the humour and topical references. The show is modern, fast moving and probably the most insane show you have ever seen! After 2 years performing to over 80,000 guests at the world famous Pleasure Beach Blackpool, its now setting sail on it's first UK tour. UVpuppets. Russ Brown Magic

Show Dates/Locations: Various dates 31st March - 29th May 2015. Rehearsals: 30th Mar. Haven May - Church Farm Chichester, Coombe Haven Hastings, Park Resorts Kent St. Margaret's Bay, Camber Sand, Romney Sands
Isle of Wight 26th - 29th May

  • Park Resorts 26th May - Thorness, Isle of Wight
  • Park Resorts 27th May - Landguard, Isle of Wight
  • Park Resorts 28th May - Nodes Point, Isle of Wight
  • Park Resorts 29th May - Lower Hyde, Isle of Wight

Scotland and North East 13th - 16th April

  • Haven 13th April - Craig Tara, Ayrshire, Scotland

  • Haven 14th April - Seton Sands, Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Haven 15th April - Haggerston, Northumberland

  • Haven 16th April - Berwick, Northumberland

Norfolk and North East 31st Mar - 8th April

  • Park Resorts 31st March - Southview, Lincolnshire

  • Park Resorts 1st April - Manor, Norfolk 

  • Park Resorts 2nd April - Heacham, Norfolk

  • Park Resorts 3rd April - Sunnydale Lincolnshire

  • Park Resorts 5th April - Crimdon, Hartlepool, Yorkshire

  • Park Resorts 6th April - Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear

  • Park Resorts 7th April - Sandy Bay, Northumberland

  • Park Resorts 8th April - Cresswell, Northumberland

Black light/UV puppets

Black light puppetry is an illusion making the audience believe that the puppet is moving without the aid of a manipulator. UV lighting is placed above the stage and reflects off the UV clothing in front of a black background. Controlling the puppet are the puppeteers dressed typically in black in front of the black background, camouflaged from view. This can give a really interesting effect as for example you can make objects look like they are flying in mid air. This type of illusion/trick has been used in film, television and theatre productions.

This same style of puppetry was used in the 80s movie 'The Labyrinth'. There is a scene consisting of an array of fantasy jungle creatures that dance around knocking off each others heads. To make this possible they used what is now known as chroma key and the puppeteers where hidden against the matching background.

Most famous for his use of puppetry is Jim Henson. A master of his craft, Henson created the idea for the Muppets and designed most of the characters for the famous show. These characters were made out of different forms of fabric mainly felt or rubber felt, which meant that the puppets were easy to create and to control.


 "Creatures From The Blackpool Lagoon" Show UK Tour 2015

Video of Creatures From The
Blackpool Lagoon on CBBC

Promotional Video of Creatures
From the Blackpool Lagoon Video


Russ Brown Magic


2015-2017 Children's Host/Entertainer

Sasha is Children's Entertainer/Host/Elsa. Sense Theatre Princess, Pirate, Jungle Explorer etc.
21st Feb 2015 - 28th Jan 2017 various dates:

Circus Crazy, Cowgirls & Cowboys, Disco, Super Heroes, Witches & Wizards, Dinosaurs, Ice Queen/Elsa, Pirates, Outer Space Adventure, Jungle Adventure, Mamma Mia, Speedy Sports Day and more.

Dates/Locations: Various


Jan 28th 2017 Wimbledon Surrey (Elsa, Disco)
Jan 21st 2017 Kent (Cinderella, Disco) Kingston
Jan 14th 2017 pm Kent (Jungle, Disco)
Feb 28th 2016 am Watford Hertfordshire (Disco)
Feb 21st 2016 pm Surrey (Disco)
Feb 7th 2016
am Richmond (Ed Blocks, Disco) pm Harrow (Ed blocks, Disco)
Jan 31st 2016 pm Romford London (Ed Blocks, Disco)
Jan 30th 2016 am Stratford London (Disco) pm Essex (Disco) am E12 pm Essex E4

Jan 24th 2016 am Reading Surrey (Ed-Blocks, Disco) pm Reading Surrey (Ed-Blocks, Disco)
Jan 23rd2016 am Raynes Park London SE20 (Circus, Disco)


Nov 1st 2015 am Battersea London SW11 (Princess, Disco)

Oct 31st 2015 pm Sevenoaks Kent (Princess, Sports, Disco)
Oct 25th 2015 pm Wembley London (Circus, Disco) NW11

Oct 18th 2015 am Bexley Village Greater London (Disney (Tinkerbell), Disco)

Oct 17th 2015 am London (Princess/Dress Up/Disco) pm London (Princess/Dress Up/Disco) W5, SW12

Oct 10th 2015 am Hersham, Surrey (Ice Queen/Elsa, Disco), pm Surrey (Ice Queen/Elsa, Disco)

Oct 3rd 2015 am Chelsea London (Cinderella/Dress-up/Disco), pm Petts Wood Kent (Sports/Disco)

Oct 4th 2015 am Friern Barnett North London N20

Sept 27th 2015 am Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire SL9 (Cowgirls/Disco) & pm Victoria Park London E3 (Disco)

Sept 26th 2015 Dulwich London (Circus Crazy/Disco)

Sept 6th 2015 Bow London (Super Heroes/Disco)

July 11th 2015 Watford Herts (Dinosaurs/Disco)

July 10th 2015 South Kensington London (Witches & Wizards/Disco)

July 4th (Disco), 5th July 2015 (Disco)

Jun 27th (Circus Crazy/Disco)
June 7th 2015 (Circus Crazy/Disco)

June 6th 2015 (Ice Queen/Elsa & Superheroes/Disco)

May 24th 2015 (Outer Space Adventure/Disco)

May 23rd 2015 (Ice Queen/Elsa & Pirate/Disco)

May 17th (Disco)

May 3rd (Disco), 2nd May Kent (Disco) Sevenoaks

Apr 26th 2015 St Albans Herts (Disco), St Albans Herts (Disco)

Apr 25th 2015 Kent (Disco) Beckenham

Apr 19th 2015 am London (Disco) pm London (Disco) Wanstead & Romford

Mar 7th 2015 Sevenoaks Kent (Ice Queen/Elsa/Disco) & Beckenham (Pirates/Disco)

Feb 28th 2015 Muswell Hill London (Jungle Adventure/Disco)

Feb 21st 2015 London (Disco) Forest Hill


Parties for Charlotte, Tojumi, Erin, Philippa, Sadie, Bella Elsa Party, Serephina/Freddie/Winston, Tom, Max, Maddie, Bella, Isla/George/Skyes, Megan, Immy, Sapira & Amalya, Evanna, Elodie, Carla, Cahal, Lila & Lucy, Sienna, Harry & Dexter, Eva, Melina, Mia, William (Sian) & More. Venues include St Elphege's Catholic Scool Infants (30), Westbourne Primary (30), Amy Johnson Primary (20), Avenue Primary (30)


Sasha is Host/Entertainer/Elsa UK

Elsa from Frozen, Entertainer/Host UK 2015

'Excellent! 1st feedback.', Sense Theatre 28th February 2015

Sense Theatre


A Theatre party combines the magic of theatre and the fun of the performing arts to make your child's party one to remember! We make sure your child's birthday is their favourite day of the year and   that all of the other parents are talking about the party outside the school gates for weeks to come!

We're flooded with fab feedback for this weekend! - 'Just wanted to say thank you so much to Sasha for coming to Isla's party today. She really did have the best time ever, and so did her friends. Tinkerbell was amazing and everyone had fun. I think you may start to get flooded with bookings now, the parents all thought it was great too. I'm starting to wonder what theme to book next year!' Jenny Coleman Oct 19th 20155

I wanted to pass on a big thanks to you and Sasha for making Immy's party so much fun. Sasha was brilliant with all the girls and had them eating out of her hand within a short time of the party starting. The cowgirl theme was well thought out and the games were great fun. Glitter tattoos were not needed in the end and actually I don't think we would have had time anyway. Please pass on my thanks again to Sasha. In the meantime I'll be sure to recommend you to the other mums from school. Many thanks. ' Jo Lacy 1st Oct 2015

Fab feedback from Jessica Wrench who's children had an Outer Space Party today : ) - 'Just to let you know that the party was great today! Sasha arrived really early and was lovely and very engaging with the children. They had a really really great time. Thank you very much..' Jess, 24th May 2015

 Lovely feedback and a stunning photo of Sasha and the birthday girl : ) -'Had the most amazing party today! Thank you Sasha from sense theatre, u made lots of children very happy! Xxx' Tracy Jones, Romford Essex, 20th April 2015


2011 Kanika Cyprus Presenter/Host

23rd May - 31st Oct

Presenter/Host, Singer, Adult & Kids Entertainer Kanika All Stars, Kanika, Cyprus. Sasha presents for guests 4-5 nights per week on stage. Kanika Entertainment.

Cast Kanika Olympic Lagoon Entertainers 2011: Sasha is a Presenter/Host/Singer and 1 of 8 Kids Entertainers

Location: Olympic Lagoon, Nissi Bay, Ayia Napa


The main evening kids, family and adult entertainment is held at the large covered Main stage (with runway and pedestal).


Dates: 23rd May 2011 - 31st Oct 2011



  • Kids' Entertainment (including Singing, Dance, Disco & Animal characters and Puppet Shows)
  • Kids Club and Teenz Club
  • Music Quizzes
  • Game Shows
  • Adult Discos
  • Cash Bingo
  • PR with guests
  • Running Sports Daytime Activities: Beat The Team, Water Basketball, Water Polo, Step Aerobics, Killer Darts, Aqua Aerobics, Walker Walkerz, Archery, Aqua Its A Knock Out, Table Tennis, Water Bingo, Water Volleyball, Zumba (Dance fitness) and  Pool Bar Quiz
Sasha as Lead Vocalist/ Actor/ Presenter / Host Cyprus


"AMAZING!!!!!!!!" '... wonderful shows, which by the way were excellent and varied. A massive thank you, especially to Jo, Sami & Helena in kids club then Stacey, Danielle, Holly, Larnaca, Molly, Justine, Sasha and Kylie in the entertainment team, for making our holiday so special.' GAZANDMAGS, Halifax, UK, Tripadvisor. Review date: 19th July 2011
"What a brilliant holiday, can't wait to return" '...what an amazing hotel, everything FABULOUS!! Looking to return next year, the food good, rooms good, entertainment team lead by Dean excellent they work so hard, day and night, their shows at night brilliant...' JulieAttwood, Hereford UK, Tripadvisor. Review date: 16th July 2011

Sasha, Presenter/Host Kanika Cyprus

Sasha (right) Presenter/Host Kanika Cyprus

Kanika Hotels Cyprus


2011 Disney Enchanted Cabaret Show

23rd May - 31st Oct 2011

Sasha is Lead Vocalist/Entertainer. Kanika All Stars, Kanika, Cyprus. Kanika Entertainment. Rehearsals: Apr 23rd May - 22nd June (overlapping with shows).

Cast Kanika Olympic Lagoon Production Show Team 2011: Lead Singers: Sasha Jacques F1, F2 (May-Jul), 6 Dancers

Location: Olympic Lagoon, Nissi Bay, Ayia Napa


The main evening kids, family and adult entertainment is held at the large covered Main stage (with runway and pedestal).


Dates: 23rd May 2011 - 31st Aug 2011


Monday 'Enchanted Cabaret Show' When you wish open a star, dreams come true, show for the children. Songs from musicals and films such as Part of this World from The Little Mermaid, Defying Gravity from Wicked.

Sasha, Snow White Enchanted Cabaret Show


Sasha as Lead Vocalist/ Actor/ Presenter / Host


Lion King Disney
Enchanted Cabaret

Aladdin Disney
Enchanted Cabaret

Elphaba Wicked
Enchanted Cabaret
Sasha, Ariel, Singer/Actor Enchanted Cabaret Show
Ariel Little Mermaid

Enchanted Cabaret

Snow White Disney
Enchanted Cabaret
Sasha, Queen of Hearts Alicein Wonderland Spring/Summer 2011
Queen Disney
Enchanted Cabaret

Sasha, Ariel, Enchanted Cabaret Show
Sasha, Ariel Enchanted Cabaret Show

Kanika Hotels Cyprus


2009 - 2011 Perform Drama Classes

Sasha is Drama teacher/ Singer/ Choreographer/ Director running weekly Drama workshops/classes for children. Perform 

Classes for 4-7s

  • Move & Feel – encompasses dances, rapid reaction games and yoga-inspired mirroring exercises.

  • Listen, Speak & Sing - the children learn specially composed songs, tongue-twisters and raps.

  • Create & Imagine - the drama-based part of the class. Lots of specially developed exercises such as character explorations, storytelling and role-playing improvisations.

Classes for 7-12s

  • Movement & Dance - starts with an energetic and fun group of exercises designed to inspire the imagination, develop co-ordination and reduce the chance of injury. The choreographer will then progress to technical work on physical skills and detailed stylistic notes.

  • Speech & Singing - aims to increase the flexibility of the vocal chords, develop basic musical reading and improve articulation and projection while maintaining good technique.

  • Acting & Improvisation - includes a series of drama-based games and exercises to boost confidence such as focus work, character communication and vocal projection. The director will also progress to more detailed performance notes on areas such as character, physicality and accents.

Sasha runs Perform Drama workshops/classes 2009 - 2011


'The teachers are absolutely brilliant' Connie

The teachers are very enthusiastic which makes it fun for the children. We decided to sign Esme up to Perform to help improve her confidence and encourage her to speak up in a crowd. I was really pleased to hear feedback today that she had said her lines very loudly. Claire Walker

'Weekly drama classes for 4-7s - Songs, games and dances to delight every young child

We have developed a unique curriculum using a mix of energetic games, catchy songs and funky dances to help bring out children's true potential.

Each term there is a new theme such as The JungleOuter Space or Under The Sea and children receive a colourful sticker poster which they complete week-by-week before performing a presentation on the last day. To help the children to learn the songs and dances at home, there is a new themed CD each term plus videos and a free mobile app available.

These drama classes for 4-7 year olds run in over 300 venues across London, the South-East and the West Country all offering the same unique mix of fun and lively activities that have been the hallmark of our success. Classes are held after school (60 minutes) and at weekends (90 minutes).

Weekly drama classes for 7-12s - Acting, singing and dancing with inspiring professionals - learning skills for life

Each week, professionally trained actors, directors and choreographers work with the children rehearsing songs, dances and scenes from a specially written show. They help them learn new skills and challenge them to do their very best in a supportive, fun and inspiring environment. On the last day of term, they combine what they've done into an inspiring performance for family and friends.

Each term, the children work together as a team rehearsing a special written musical production for family and friends on the last day. Past productions have included The Dream (based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream), Ebenezer (based on Dickens' A Christmas Carol), Bluebeard's Bride and Robinson Crusoe In Space. To help the children to learn the songs and dances at home, there is a new DVD of the songs from the show each term plus videos online.

These drama classes for 7-12 year olds run in over 70 venues across London, the South-East and the West Country. Each class offers the same unique mix of fun and lively activities that have been the hallmark of our success. Classes are held after school (60 minutes) and at weekends (90 minutes).'





2009 - 2011 Perform Entertainer/Host

Sasha is Children's Entertainer/Party host/Singer/Actor. Perform Parties

'Perform Parties - Imagine the best party ever. We'll make it happen!

Unlike traditional party entertainers, Perform Parties take children on an exciting adventure getting everybody involved. Whichever theme you choose, all parties start off with physical games to get energy levels up.

4-7s are taken on a magical mission based on the chosen theme. They’ll learn a song, complete challenges and immerse themselves in improvisations, role play and lots of other brilliant drama games.

7-12 year olds work together putting on a fantastic show before performing it to a rapt audience of family and friends.

We offer a range of themes suitable for the different age-ranges.'

Parties for 4-7s - High energy, fun and totally infectious

Perform Party Leaders arrive in costume as the character of your chosen theme whether that's a mermaid, pirate, superhero, cheerleader or popstar. With thrilling music and imaginative storytelling, the whole group will be totally absorbed.

Parties for 7-12s - The chance to put on a show with a trained theatre professional.

Perform Plus Parties are facilitated by inspiring theatre professionals combining songs, dances and scenes into a short presentation for family and friends. The children will work hard, learn lots of new skills and love the thrill of performing at the end.


Sasha is Perform Children's Entertainer/Host 2009 - 2011


'We thought it was great and the kids loved it. Everyone was engaged and it was such an unusual and exciting theme, we were amazed how she kept them engaged for so long. They are still talking about it now. Sasha was very thorough even down to health and safety considerations.'Name supplied

'Sasha was flexible about start time and helped set the children up with their meal after the activities. This extra touch was very kind. After the meal, we saw several kids re-enacting in the garden some of the adventures Sasha had taken them on, so we could tell it was a hit!' – Alice Darley



Female Actor . Presenter . Singer . Model
Theatre . Film. TV. Cabaret . Wedding . Corporate . Events . Restaurant . Pub . Club . Bar . Hotel . Cruise . London . Kent . UK . Europe . Worldwide

For further information or booking enquiries please email Sasha.

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