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A versatile Performer for Acting, Presenting, Voiceovers, Singing and Modelling

  Sasha has performed in both short and feature films and for TV. Sasha's Acting and Film Showreel featuring 'Untitled', 'Special Delivery', 'Bad Dream', 'Girl Alone' is linked below. In addition Films and TV credits and Film Extracts and Short film links are to be found here. Please feel free to contact Sasha for further information or to discuss Film or TV projects.

New TV Presenter
Showreel 2.5 Min

mp3 1.5 Min

Acting & Film
Showreel 4 Min

Film-TV Credits

Film 'Home Sweet Home' Mary Defy Films
Film 'Home Sweet Home' Sarah Soundsteps
TV Advertisement Cabaret singer Kanika
Film 'Bad Dream' Cabaret singer Blue Mar-Ten Michael Tognarelli
Film 'Special Delivery' Hannah (Lead) East 15 Emma Hu
Film Interval! (feature) Period Actress Trademark media Tom McNie
Film 'Untitled' Girl Richmond Film School Taylor Riley
Film 'Girl Alone'

Girl (Lead)

Bennett House Films Max Bennett

TV Documentary with Ferne Cotton

Interviewee ITV Producer: Lisa Doyle
Film 'Dusk' Hannah (Lead) Dead Fox Productions Scott Reeve
Promotions Video Interviewee CSSD Paul Barker
Film 'Memories' Granddaughter Exeter

Presenter For Film & TV

Please see Sasha's new TV Presenter Showreel, which reflects some of her interests, as a Lifestyle Presenter, Travel Presenter, Music presenter, Fashion Presenter, Adventure Presenter, Wildlife Presenter and  Children's presenter. Sasha has worked as a Presenter for Children's and Family shows such as Brainiac Live! and other Shows and Entertainments.

New TV Presenter Showreel 2.5 Min

Film/Video Links


 Film Special Delivery

Home Sweet Home

Film Untitled

Bad Dream Extracts

Sasha plays an Actress in Film Interval! (Still)

Girl Alone Extracts

Film Bad Dream

Robin Hood Extracts

Film Interval!

Sasha plays an Actress in Film Interval! (Still) Sasha plays an Actress in Film Interval! (Still)

Female Actor . Presenter . Singer . Model
Theatre . Film. TV. Cabaret . Wedding . Corporate . Events . Restaurant . Pub . Club . Bar . Hotel . Cruise . London . Kent . UK . Europe . Worldwide

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